Friday, July 6, 2007

I webbed you....It means you got the apartment

So I think I failed to mention that on June 19th I became the proud new owner of a Las Vegas apartment. I think that pushes me closer to the term grown-up (although I refuse to completely commit to it as I feel it undermines my elders). It's a pretty sweet place (or so I hear). We have more space than we need including walk in closets and our own bathrooms.

The bummer is that while it is in a safe neighboorhood (why we chose to move there) it is about 30 minutes from Harmon. So we will have interesting drives together. We're not particularly perky morning people and highly talkative afternoon people.

I'm still wondering if I need to get a new cell phone number, I happen to like my area code, but I hate to be the person who confuses anyone asking for my number....

More on this dilemma later.


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