Sunday, July 1, 2007

Quite the Opposite

So, I now have something else to report--I accepted a position! I am the newest 5th grade teacher at Harmon Elementary in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was quite the whirlwind tour--multiple offers and much phone tag, let me explain.

I went home for Father's Day weekend, my mom woke me up early Friday morning to answer a call from a principal. She and I proceeded to have ourselves a phone interview (which I have to admit wasn't my best effort--I should have called her back after a cup of coffee) as she was looking for a 5th grade teacher. I hung up with her, quite excited because she dropped all the key words I wanted to hear--collaboration, differentiated instruction, and the centrality of the literacy curriculum. Later that same day, I received a phone call and had another phone interview, this time for a 1st grade position (which I was less thrilled about--I feel uneasy about teaching 1st grade) but at the same school as my roommate, Karen.

I left both conversations with the promise to answer by Monday with a decision having been offered the 1st grade position and waiting to be offered the 5th grade. Monday came a left without a decision--I couldn't get a hold of 5th grade school--but with much grace from the principal at the 1st grade school, I waited. Finally, I got a hold of the 5th grade school and was informed that the position had been filled. Alas!

I felt quite uneasy about 1st grade, I just don't feel called to that grade (yet!). So I had to decline the offer. As I spoke with the principal, he shared that he (unoffically) had a 5th grade position open and "would I like to have that spot?" I think so.

And there you have it. I did accept (he turned in the paperwork before I offically accepted--which, strangely, is comforting). I'm still substantially overwhelmed about having a job. I never felt supremely confident in the offers or my decision making process. I am excited about going to Las Vegas. It will be a fantastically wonderful growing experience for me. I hope to learn more about myself, the calling and purpose for my life and God. My prayer is that I will be able to share God's love with my students, their parents, and my colleagues. I know that I will be exhausted and there will be lots of tears as I make all kinds of discoveries, but if there is one thing that I know, it's that I must be broken to be used by God.

For now,

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