Thursday, August 16, 2007

Oh I wish I had pictures.

I don't think my dad believes in uploading pictures on Facebook (or really Facebook for that matter) and I really don't believe in taking my camera places. So I shall use words. Perhaps a thousand of them.

I think that's how many it would take.

Over the past seven days I have:

  • traveled well over 3,000 miles
  • told about 300 people my SSN and birthdate (I even told one group my mother's maiden name)
  • dropped $200 at Target (twice)
  • signed my name about 600 times
  • been in three time zones
  • been charged the child's admission rate
  • broke down once
  • nearly been pulled over (thank you person who was following closely behind me)
  • been outside in 115 degree weather these are vague impressions of what I have been up to...Some moments I really feel like I am in over my head. Other moments I feel like I am treading just enough water to keep afloat. This is all to say that although I had a fantastic education, I am an extremely competent teacher (and eager to learn more!) this is difficult. I finally saw my school, met my fellow teachers and administrators--they fit well with me. It will be the most growing year yet which is a definitely good thing, if I stop growing there is something amiss.

Oh yeah. Vegas. The city is poorly planned--the infrastructure is really frustrating (you can't get there from here situations)--and I have yet to see Gil Grissom or any of his staff.

Remind me to tell you about my classroom and why I don't see my students until September 17th. For now, I have to go to bed.


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kristin said...

you don't see your students til september?!?!? does that have to do with licensing crap?

we've spent so much money at target equivalents. and signed a lot of paperwork. but we got a new id number. no one wants a us ssn number, so we have to have a HK id number. dang, we're permanent residents...