Wednesday, June 6, 2007

nothing new

So I'm actually starting to sound like a broken record. Whenever I tell people that I am going to Las Vegas but don't know where, a little piece inside me dies. Well, not really. But I am growing ever more annoyed with not having anything new to say.

Karen visited over the weekend and announced that she has been offered (and accepted!) a position with a year-round bilingual school. Now, she has to learn 800 names and another language. She's going out on Saturday to visit the school and also to look at some places.

We have our hearts set on a two-bedroom, two-bath apartment on the NW side of town. It reminds me of the place that Michelle lives in. Both places have lawns between the complexes which is a big bonus for a Midwest gal such as myself. I am really nervous about the climate chnage, but I know that as long as I can see green I will be able to remember the Land of Plenty from which I hail.

I was able to attend end-of-the-year festivities at the school I did my student teaching. When I entered the lunch room I felt like a total celebrity. All of my students and students from the other 4th grade class ran (I told them to walk...) towards me and nearly assaulted me with hugs. I can't imagine not doing this job. I feel like a total bum though, because I totally ate up the attention. I also enjoyed the renewed enthusiasm for teaching and being with a class again.

nothing new for now.


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Jeremiah said...

Grass at the apartment, huh?

Well, time to learn something about water conservation. I actually abhor grass in areas like Las Vegas, mostly because it's a desert. With all the development that goes on in places like that, it's a wonder we have water left in the West.

And here's why I hate it: One proposed solution to water crises in U.S. desert communities (though I'm not sure if anyone really takes this seriously) is to place nuclear charges on the southern rim of the North American tectonic plate. Once those are blown, the entire plate will have a tilt that will cause snow melt from Canada to trickle on down into the United States so places like Los Angeles, Phoenix, and, you guessed it, Las Vegas can have water.

Just an FYI.