Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Labor Day: a day on, not a day off.

Michelle came up from Phoenix to spend the weekend with me . I had to do some quick thinking because I don't know enough of the city yet to really show it off. Then again Vegas kind of shows itself off. But these are some pictures from Mount Charleston, specifically Cathedral Rock. Michelle and I went on a hick to kind of explore the area, get some exercise and cool off (Mt Charleston is 30 degrees cooler than in the valley).

This is a picture on the way up to Cathedral Rock. We were both surprised at how much the mountains in the desert look like areas we see at home.

This is a giant root system from a tree that was exposed along the trail.

We finally got on top of Cathedral Rock (elevation 8,600) and we could see the little village that sits at the base. At this point in our journey we also fed the local wildlife (we both know that you're not supposed to feed the wildlife...spare me the lecture) some walnuts. Both chipmunks were extremely grateful.

While we were on top of the rock we could see that a thunderstorm was rolling in. While it was cool to see the lightning and ominous clouds, we thought it best to not dottle. So we headed down. It was sunshiney bright for the remainder of the trek. Oh desert.

More pictures to follow. Now that my camera is out, I will get on the ball.


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