Saturday, October 13, 2007

and so it goes.

The visit with Tyler and Thomas was really fun. I have pictures to post, but clearly you'll have to wait as my timeliness is not a skill I excel at yet. Tyler, Karen, Ben and I went on another hike to Mount Charleston which I think is Vegas' redeeming quality. Thomas and I went to Red Rock which is a hike for people who don't like to hike. No hills, just pretty.

Thomas' surprise was that Karen and I got tickets to go see the Producers. That was fun, I didn't really like the show (Tony Danza should quickly end his singing career) but I do like the people I went with.

School, needless to say, has consumed my life. I am annoyed by that fact although I anticipated it. I just feel like I don't have enough time for me or any other relationships. So today I'm making time for some and not thinking about school, well, except to blog about it(?). I failed. Oh well. I also read a book today, "The 7 Secrets of Teaching" (or something like that, it's on the other couch and I'm not about to get up to look at it). Overall, it was really helpful and informative but mostly I enjoy telling people that I read an entire book today. I think that's neat. It's makes me feel terribly productive and intelligent even though it really means nothing in the grand scheme of things.

I think one of the biggest lessons that I've learned over the past three months is that while you are starting your first year of teaching you need to cling to the successes in you life and forgive yourself for your failures. There will be both, but understand the difference between the two and using them to improve your teaching will keep you from frustration and burn out. Well, that and taking Midol at appropriate times. (That might be another story...)

Late September and October are the best months to be in Vegas (I'm sure March, April and May will be similar). The temps have stayed a pleasant 75-85 degrees with a good cool down at night. We don't have our AC on because it's such a dry heat, it stays really comfortable (and even a tiny bit chilly a night so you can really snuggle in your comforter). If you ever decide to take a trip to Vegas, definitely do it in the Fall.

Time to do laundry....the fun never stops here!


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