Sunday, October 21, 2007

as promised.

I here are more pictures. These are from when Thomas was here--we went to Red Rock Canyon and the Bellagio Fountains--the most opposite experiences Vegas has to offer.

This is the city as seen from Red Rock Canyon. Seriously more impressive in person.

This is why they call it Red Rock. Genius in action.

Thomas and me--self-portrait (Thomas took charge of this one, thankfully)

The Bellagio, er, Fountains. Pre-fountainness.

This was a cool accident down on the Strip.

Back at Red Rock--Hey Valpo! Check it out, Sand Dunes in Vegas.

A really nice couple took our picture and they didn't even take our camera, golly!

I'm thinking about contacting Pontiac with this picture--my little Sweet Tomato (that's what I'm calling her)

This is my classroom before the students got into it too much. It's changed already to groups of four. We're making it work.


Marlene said...

Hey little dumpling

I found my way to your site and enjoyed the pics.


Auntie M

der landstreicher said...

Hooray...your classroom! I must say reading your blog is helping to put me at ease a bit when I look at my next year. I am feeling a bit of the "I'm a senior and feel unprepared for the next step" jitters. It is so nice to hear that it is indeed possible to survive in the real world and learn things as you go. I hope that every day is a brighter day for you. You are in my prayers.


ps - the Vibe pic: totally User's Manual cover material!