Saturday, October 27, 2007

the perfect storm.

Every three weeks, a new group of students prepares to leave for vacation and a new group prepares to come back to school. Those transitions are, very apparently, difficult times. Last Thursday, the year-round school thing bit us all in the butt. It was the last day before students left for vacation, the last day before a long weekend for all, all the 5th grade teachers were sub-ed out for a workshop and the day of a full moon (scientifically proven by teachers and psychiatric clinics everywhere to turn people into crazies). Or as I refer to it, The Perfect Storm. Each classroom, even those with the best classroom management turned into a den of chaos students were sent to the office in droves and multiple students were sent home.

I keep trying to apologize for my student's behavior, but then I realized I can only control my behavior (which, ironically, is what I am constantly telling them...). So if my class decides to transform itself into the looney there is really only so much that I can do.

I fled to Phoenix. I prefer it here. They have coffee shops at which I can blog. It's pretty much like heaven.


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